You all might be aware of the fact that Gmail is one of the most conventional and one of the most used Email services in the entire world. You might not be aware of the fact that instead of composing, reading and deleting mail that is the part of your routine activity there are many extra functionalities Gmail is providing with the use of latest technology that you have not upgraded in your knowledge book.  You should be familiar with these Gmail feature. 

Smart Compose

Smart Compose feature will allow the user to inter the words that they are predicting or they are about to type. If you are using computer then you can make use of this feature by pressing the tab key or if you are Smartphone user you can avail this feature by tapping the space at the end of phrase that is being predicted.

How to enable it:

Go to your Gmail settings>>scroll down to “Smart Compose”>> Click button next to “Writing suggestions on.”

Schedule your Emails

If sometimes you came across a problem that you want to send a mail to someone in the designated time but due to some urgency you won’t be able to compose at that time, not to worry you can use this extended Gmail feature and schedule your mails.

How to do?

  • Compose an email
  • On the right side of the button you will see little down arrow click on that
  • Click “Schedule send.”
  • Select suggested time on which you want to send the mail OR select “Pick date & time” to select date and time as per your choice. 

If you are using Gmail app on your Android or iPhone nothing different as on the right side of compose mail you will see 3 dots click on that and thereafter follow the same procedure as before

Message faster

You can see this option in Gmail’s desktop version and on android. This option is not more available on iOS. This feature will take you to the previous or the next email in your list.

Read more mails per page

From this advance feature you will get rid of from the option of clicking read more again and again if you want to read more mails. By using Gmail website’s general tab settings you can change the maximum page length as per your suitability. Previously you will be able to view 50 mail per page but as of now you can read 100 mails per page.

Find Emails by Date

You can add date while searching for the mail that got mixed up with an abundance of mails in your mailbox. You will find your mail by adding time slot like (before: 5/6/2021or after: 6/8/2020)

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